Scope of the journal

Thalassas is an international journal devoted to multidisciplinary studies on marine sciences, covering from deep sea to coastal environments. It accepts papers about marine and coastal biology, chemistry, geology and physics, especially if the multidisciplinary approach is followed.

Printed version

The printed version includes review papers, research papers and short communications

Electronic version

The electronic version includes all the papers that are accepted for printed version, although they are electronically released as soon as accepted. It also includes specific electronic papers, that can include materials that are not normally available in printed version (for example, full colour maps and graphics, partially treated data to download, software, etc. There are several sections:

Review papers (previously accepted for the paper version)

Research papers (they can be accepted for the paper version or being specifically written for the e-version)

Letters: They are short communications that we prefer to publish only in electronic version of Thalassas.

Data: This section will include a full description of materials and methods used, the statistical treatment applied if any and full data to download and use for all the interested scientists. The source of the data must be cited when using those data.

Methods: This section will include modern methods needed for actual research in marine sciences. Text should be fully comprehensible, extended to explain it perfectly to the scientific community. A chat is also planned to this extent, criticising the advantages and disadvantages of the methods proposed. This section will be maintained as a Handbook of Techniques.