Letter from the editor-in-chief
 May, 2004
A new issue of Thalassas has hit the shelves! This one has benefited from the work of a special guest editor, Dr. Tomohiro Kawaguchi. A brief summary of his curriculum vitae is included in a previous page. He has coordinated the efforts of five important scientists who are specialists in the field of biomineralization. Many thanks to Dr. Kawaguchi and all the contributors.
Last year (2003) we had two regular issues and another two special issues devoted to the 4th Symposium of the Atlantic Iberian Continental Margin that was held in Vigo (Spain) from the 7th to 10th of July, 2003. This special issues, numbers 19(2a) and 19(2b) are not included in the normal subscription, but, if you are interested, we still have some free copies, please send an e-mail to
Now papers are received more regularly, so the selection process has become more restrictive assuming that we receive sufficient regular papers for two issues per year. If this slight but noticeable increase in the arrival of good papers continues, we would begin to think about three issues per year!
Anyhow, be it published twice or thrice per year, the journal is firmly established, and we suggest to pay attention to the electronic version of the journal. After several discussions and trials, now we are hanging from our web page: the actual issues of Thalassas in pdf format for free download.