Letter from the editor-in-chief
 Dec., 2001
Dear colleagues,
We have accomplished our first goal, and Thalassas has appeared for the first time twice in a year. This issue is the second in this year and it has been published in December 2001 as expected. According to the number of papers recived till now, we expect to appear again twince during 2002 (end of July and end of December).
We promised another important goal: to release immediately the papers in our Web page. We have experienced some technical difficulties and we are working on this aspect. We wanted to have our Web page fully operative begining in January 2002. But we will not be able, because a full reworking of this page is being done just now. However, we want to maintain our promise to keep freely available the papers for the scientific community. To do this before the Web page to become fully operative, we will use e-mail facilities. You can register to receive the titles of accepted paper just sending a message to: If hou want to receive by e-mail a readable and printable copy of any of the papers, just ask it sending a short message to the general address of the Journal:

Please continue sending good regular or review papers to Thalassas.