Instructions for the authors
For the paper and electronic version, electronic submission is encouraged. Please clarify (in the e-mail text) which software was used or is needed to open the Manuscript. Please send as attachments cover letter in Word for Windows or any other usual wordprocessor, manuscript, graphics and data. For software submission, please contact previously with the electronic version Editor, Daniel Rey (
Printed version:
Regular papers should be addressed to Editor-in-Chief, Manuel J. Reigosa, preferably by electronic means ( or alternatively by post to (original plus three copies plus electronic version in diskette or zip):
Manuel J. Reigosa, Editor-in-Chief
Edificio de Ciencias Experimentais
Universidade de Vigo
E-36310 Vigo (SPAIN)
Please indicate clearly the programs needed to read the article. Microsoft Word for Windows will be preferred and will help the speed of publication, but other wordprocessors can be also accepted. The e-mail message (and the diskette, if postal submission is done) should contain the following information:
    Cover letter
    Title page
    Information about the wordprocessor and programs needed to see the paper.
You can also contact directly with the Editors, this is especially encouraged before submitting review papers or letters.

Thalassas is an international journal that accepts original papers, review papers and short notes about every aspect of marine sciences, especially when a multidisciplinary approach is followed. Language accepted is English.
Authors are allowed to post their accepted papers in their own Web pages. Thalassas will, in any case, provide free to all the scientific community, a version of the published papers to download from the Thalassas Web page.
Revision of papers will be done using electronic facilities (that is, referees would receive by e-mail the papers under revision and should answer no later than two weeks after receiving the article by e-mail or fax).
Authors can apply for a picture or graphics to be used as a full colour cover image for the paper version. Please state it when you submit your paper.
Full-length papers:
Are original previously unpublished works about any aspect of marine sciences. The title should be indicative of contents, and no longer than 60 characters. The first page should include the names of authors and complete affiliations, including e-mail addresses and Web page addresses if any. They will include an abstract of between 100 and 300 words, followed by less than 15 keywords (both included in the abstract and additional). Materials and Methods sections will be followed by Results and Discussion. Those sections can be put together if this fits the content of the Manuscript. Manuscripts should be written in simple sentences, conforming to accepted Scientific Standard English. Texts should be clear considering the great scope of the audience (this is not a very specialised journal, covering a broad range of disciplines, although always related to marine or coastal ecosystems).
After those sections, Acknowledgements and References should follow. The style of citation will be as follows:
Journal articles:
Author AA, Author BB (year). Title of article, Complete name of Journal, number: pages.
Book articles:
Author AA, Author BB (year) Title of article. In: A Editor, B Editor, eds, Title of Book, Ed number, Vol number, Publisher, City, pages.
Author AA (year) Title of thesis. University, City.
The citations should be arranged in the text from earliest to most recent year, alphabetised by name within the same year. In the references list, order by author (s) name, after by year.
Finally, figures, tables and captions for figures and tables should be included.
Review papers:
Those papers will be published mainly by invitation. But suggestions are also welcome. If you feel that you can contribute with a review, please contact Editor-in-Chief or any of the Editors by e-mail.
Technical papers:
Are especially welcome for the electronic version, but if the interest is appreciated by the editors, they can also be published in the paper version. The structure of the article should follow the same recommendations as full-length papers
Correspondence intended to be published in the paper version should not exceed two printed pages. For the electronic version (that will be the preferred for letters because the speed of publication and the possibility of several responses) no page limit is applied, although the shorter the best.
Meeting reports and Conference Proceedings:
For meeting reports of Conferences about Marine Sciences, the coordinator of the Congress who wish an abstract to appear in Thalassas (either in electronic or paper versions) should contact Editor-in-Chief ( Congress Proceedings could also be published as special numbers of the journal.